Dexibell VIVO S7 PRO M 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Dexibell VIVO S7 PRO M 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

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The VIVO S7 PRO M adds onboard speaker monitors (M) to all of the features and hallmarks of the famous VIVO S7 PRO, with the cosmetics of the flagship VIVO S9 and intuitive interface, XLR balanced output, 4 parts with 2 independent EFX each for total of 8 independent EFX, DC-IN with security lock, CP 1 continuous pedal included.

The VIVO S7 PRO M Stage Piano is a revolutionary 88-Key digital piano with hammer action and ivory feel keys. The VIVO Digital Piano line-up from Dexibell uses a completely new technology called T2L (True to Life), based on an interaction between sampling and modeling methods. The line-up is called VIVO because they are the first digital instruments truly "ALIVE", reacting to the player's articulation. Components such as sympathetic resonances, harmonics, staccato sounds, timbre variances, and real sustain pedal simulation create a lifelike sound with unlimited polyphony. What's more, sounds are recorded with holophonic method for an amazing 3D listening experience. You can enjoy the best Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Vintage Electric Pianos and many more sounds categories with the best quality and playability ever heard. 3 keyboard parts, Reverb with 24 different types, Master Eq, and 6 independent DSP effects (2 x each single part) create a massive performance tool at home and on stage. Sound and effect recall use the new "Seamless Changes" technology to allow smooth transition from one sound to another, including its effects, even in "Pedal Sustain-on" condition. The internal sound system gives an unbelievable perception of sound, using the passive subwoofer, far & near field speakers with reflective technique. All Piano models are equipped with an organic Led graphic display for the best possible contrast and visibility angle under any light condition. Bluetooth audio streaming is also available to jam along with your favorite songs and apps.