Tamburo UNIKA Series (4-piece wood shell pack with Snare Drum and 18" Bass Drum) - Olive
Drum Set Configuration

Tamburo TB UNIKA418UL UNIKA Series (4-piece wood shell pack with Snare Drum and 18" Bass Drum) - Olive

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Over the course of more than 25 years of business, the cornerstone of TAMBURO’s creations has always been innovation. Both in its use of materials and in its creation of revolutionary construction techniques that succeed in satisfying a range of drummers in search of their own sound. Today, thanks to our new UNIKA series, we have reached another milestone, creating an instrument that is easy to tune, powerful and versatile. featuring a strong structure that is easy to transport. Our UNIKA drumkit is the product of the latest technology and materials – a 100% Made-in-Italy project.



Our shells consist of a “sandwich” structure, with two strong HPL (High Pressure Laminate) layers that have a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm to 0.9mm. The shell’s thickness depends on the type of colour and finish. These elements are connected by an internal band made from three alternate one-millimetre wooden layers. This particular structure lends considerable strength and stability to the shell. The rigid, lightweight structure, its perfect point of contact with the skin (Start Point), together with a new ST (Strong Traction) lug, are key to its extraordinary tuning range. In addition to providing a strong anchor point for the lugs, the internal HPL layer (a material not previously used to make drums) makes the shell waterproof, thus preventing deterioration over time.

THE ST LUG (patent pending)

Our new TAMBURO ST (Strong Traction) lug stands out due to its innovative design, which features two tie rods connected by a tube. Its unique structure allows you to achieve a sensitive, fluid and stable tension between the skins. This also ensures maximum mechanical hold (approx. 3500kg) with each full key turn. The lightweight lug consists of parts that have been specifically designed to aid high mechanical resistance.


Our fused block lug allows for the fluid, precise adjustment of strainer tension. A small magnet is included in the mechanism to ensure stability and grip over time.


Our hoops are made with an internal and external HPL (High Pressure Laminate) lining, which defines both finish and colour. Twelve layers of internal beech are attached in the same direction, using a special PU glue. This is how a rigid drum hoop with strong mechanical properties is created. Boasting a thickness of just 8mm.


Lightweight alloy chrome die cast lug with side Tamburo “butterfly” locking screws. The legs can be fixed in place quickly and securely. The lug has a soft , anti-vibration rubber seal. Its shape and limited size helps to keep the drum in its case.


Thanks to their characteristics, our drum legs offer stability and ease when positioning drums. Strong and lightweight, they’re attached to the shell via four anchor points. Our bass drum leg provides the drummer with a customisable, stable position.