Eikon CM602 Professional Condenser Microphone

Eikon CM602 Professional Condenser Microphone

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SKU: CM602


The CM602 is a small, wide-range condenser microphone with a cardioid uni-directional polar pattern.

Designed for vocals and percussion instruments, it is also suitable for lectern and other applications requiring high quality sound performance.

The cardioid polar pattern captures the desired sound source while rejecting unwanted ambient noise and feedback.

The microphone body is made with durable metal material and perfect weight distribution ensures a good maneuverability.

  • Permanently polarized condenser capsule 
  • Uni-directional Polar Pattern 
  • Light and rugged construction 
  • High applicable SPL for close miking on stage 
  • Particularly suited as overhead for drums and percussion, for the hi-hat, wood wind and brass instruments, guitar
  • Microphone holder included