Tamburo OPERA Series Stave-Wood Snare Drum (14" x 5.5") - Walnut

Tamburo TB OPSD1455NS OPERA Series Stave-Wood Snare Drum (14" x 5.5") - Walnut

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The OPERA snares drums are characterized by their 6 mm staves structure. The only one of its kind, the OPERA snares represent the absolute synthesis of the poliedric construction of the snares. Light and solid instruments capable of supporting all types of tunings and therefore able to support any type of drummer and any kind of style music.



At TAMBURO, our manufacturing philosophy is all about creating drum shells that are lightweight, and a perfect fit for skins (membranes). The staves, which measure 6mm, are made from five layers of birch wood, with an additional external HPL covering that gives the instrument its finish and colour. To produce a lighter but solid polyhedral cylinder, the shell is “bound” using internal beech reinforcements that give it its compact nature.


A lightweight die cast hoops that lends clear, defined harmonics to the sound.


Our fused block lug allows for the fluid, precise adjustment of strainer tension. A small magnet is included in the mechanism to ensure stability and grip over time.