Re.corder: Acoustic-Digital Recorder (Wireless, Interactive)
Re.corder: Acoustic-Digital Recorder (Wireless, Interactive)

Re.corder: Acoustic-Digital Recorder (Wireless, Interactive)

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Artinoise is an innovative Italian startup company, distributed exclusively worldwide by Proel, that pursues the mission of imagining and creating musical instruments suited to fulfill the natural musicality of everyone.

After two years of conceptual and product design, intellectual property management and market analysis, we are very excited to present: Re.corder, a soprano acoustic-digital recorder, with its own app and sound library, which also works as a wind MIDI controller to play sounds from any external library, synth or DAW.

Re.corder is for everyone, from the elementary school student to the amateur musician, from the baroque flutist to the experimenter of electronic music.


We choose the recorder as a worldwide adopted and economically approachable musical instrument. In many countries the recorder is the first instrument that children can use, and many young and adult people already knows how to use it or remember it slightly!  We called it re.corder to underline its deep new meanings and usages.

By adding a smart and simplified electronics, and leveraging modern mobile devices, ARTinoise envisioned a useful, portable, fun and friendly instrument that is also a renaissance in learning.