Dexibell VIVOH10WH VIVO H10 Digital Upright Piano (Matte White)

Dexibell VIVOH10WH VIVO H10 Digital Upright Piano (Matte White)

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The Dexibell VIVO H10 console is the compact upright version of Dexibell’s new VIVO PREMIUM digital piano series and features the most powerful processor, exclusive hybrid wood and ebony/ivory feel keyboard with escapement, 3.2 gb size memory with Dexibell’s select Platinum sound library onboard, a microphone input with independent volume and effects, and unique Italian design.

To play the new Dexibell VIVO H10 is an experience never felt before.

All aspects of the living, breathing acoustic piano tone are faithfully reproduced thanks to Dexibell’s exclusive, innovative, onboard “True To Life” (T2L) suite of technologies including staccato resonances, sympathetic resonances, hammer noise, soundboard resonance, dynamic string resonances and overtones when the damper pedal is pressed, and the millions of other parameters that make the tone of an acoustic piano special.

The VIVO H10 features Dexibell’s exclusively designed hybrid-wooden keyboard with progressive, graded hammer action, and synthetic ivory/ebony keys, 3 contacts, hammer-escapement, and is meticulously calibrated key by key!

Dexibell VIVO technology offers a fascinating, powerful dynamic expression never heard before in a digital instrument. Dexibell’s industry-leading 24-bit linear and 48KHz technology boasts a definition 256 times greater compared to other piano brands who only offer an outdated 16 bit and 44.1 KHz technology. This offers the pianist the ability to express real “pianissimo” to “fortissimo” expression.

Dexibell’s exclusive unlimited polyphony allows you to play to your fullest expression, with unlimited hands, with the damper pedal pressed, ad infinitum, and never miss a single note of your performance.

Enjoy the unique offering of Dexibell’s Platinum library of grand piano tones including a pre-loaded Italian Grand Piano and American Grand Piano in their full beauty, majesty and highest definition together with 123 high quality onboard sounds. With the simple use of the USB drive, you can load new sounds, or change them, all never losing the original factory tones. A free downloadable Platinum library (on can be loaded into the internal memory of 3.2 GB. Your VIVO is always up to date.

The Dexibell VIVO H10 features a bi-amplification system with 8 loudspeakers, 6 of which are assigned to the “near field” function, giving you a high definition, high quality experience; representing the best you can find to simulate the tone of a real acoustic piano.