Tamburo TB VL520YW VOLUME Series (5-piece seamless-acrylic shell pack with Snare Drum and 20" Bass Drum) - Yellow
Tamburo VOLUME Series Seamless-Acrylic Snare Drum (12" x 6.5") - Yellow
VOLUME Series Gallery 3
VOLUME Series Gallery 4
VOLUME Series Gallery 1

Tamburo TB VL520YW VOLUME Series (5-piece seamless-acrylic shell pack with Snare Drum and 20" Bass Drum) - Yellow

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Made with top quality Italian methacrylate, the VOLUME acrylic series are presented in all their shine and neutral transparency, or thanks to the homogeneous coloring of the polymer, five colored transparencies are available: blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. Attractive and classy design for a unique product of its kind.



The Volume acrilic shell born thanks to a research related to how is possible uses the methacrylate to make a perfect shell for drums. So, all the changing was made on the material to looking for the right way to make a shell, with a good sound caracteristics. The VOLUME shells haven’t the joint glue point and the thikness and the diameter size are made to produce a “afono” shell with an amazing sounds. The shell thickness moves from a minimum of 3 mm to a maximum of 4 mm. Related to Tamburo Philosophy the Bearing Edge is replaced by the Perfect Curve that follow the drum head curve.

THE ST LUG (patent pending)

Our new TAMBURO ST (Strong Traction) lug stands out due to its innovative design, which features two tie rods connected by a tube. Its unique structure allows you to create a sensitive, fluid and stable tension between the skins. This also ensures maximum mechanical hold (approx. 3500kg) with each full key turn. The lightweight lug consists of parts that have been specifically designed to aid high mechanical resistance.


Lightweight 2.3 triple flange hoops that provide low, defined harmonics.


Our fused block lug allows for the fluid, precise adjustment of strainer tension. A small magnet is included in the mechanism to ensure stability and grip over time.


Thanks to their characteristics, our drum legs offer stability and ease when positioning drums. Strong and lightweight, they’re attached to the shell via four anchor points. Our bass drum leg provides the drummer with a customisable, stable position.


Our hoops are made with an internal and external HPL (High Pressure Laminate) lining, which defines both finish and colour. Twelve layers of internal beech are attached in the same direction, using a special PU glue. This is how a rigid drum hoop with strong mechanical properties is created. Boasting a thickness of just 8mm.

  • Shells: acrylic shells (methacrylate) without joint point. Made with centrifuge techniques. Variable thickness from 3 mm to 4 mm.
  • Tom attachment: TBS2J
  • Hoops: regular hoops triple flanges
  • Drumhead: EVANS
  • Bass Drum: Evans EMAD Clear Drumhead
  • Tom: EC2 Clear Drumhead/G1 Clear Resonant
  • Floor Tom: EC2 Clear Drumhead/G1 Clear Resonant
  • Tom: Snare Drum: G1 Coated top / Snare Side 300 bottom