Tamburo OPERA Series (4-piece stave-wood shell pack with Snare Drum and 16" Bass Drum) - Fantasy Black
Drum Set Configuration

Tamburo TB OPERA416FK OPERA Series (4-piece stave-wood shell pack with Snare Drum and 16" Bass Drum) - Fantasy Black

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Our intuitive stave system, which was originally designed in 1982, finds its home in the OPERA series. We’ve completely redesigned the polyhedral cylinder according to our thirty years of research into high-quality, multilayer, innovative wood and a range of important processes that we strive to continuously update. The TAMBURO OPERA acoustic drumkit, produced with incredible Made-in-Italy creativity, has an unmistakable timbre, that’s never lost, regardless of how it’s tuned. Its dynamic, defined sound, together with its custom, unique aesthetics, make for a sophisticated, prestigious instrument. Handmade in Italy.



At TAMBURO, our manufacturing philosophy is all about creating drum shells that are lightweight, and a perfect fit for skins (membranes). The staves , which measure 6mm, are made from five layers of birch wood, with an additional external HPL covering that gives the instrument its finish and colour. To produce a lighter but solid polyhedral cylinder, the shell is “bound” using internal beech reinforcements that give it its compact nature.

THE ST LUG (patent pending)

Our new TAMBURO ST (Strong Traction) lug stands out due to its innovative design, which features two tie rods connected by a tube. Its unique structure allows you to create a sensitive, fluid and stable tension between the skins. This also ensures maximum mechanical hold (approx. 3500kg) with each full key turn.


Our hoops are made with an internal and external HPL (High Pressure Laminate) lining, which defines both finish and colour. Twelve layers of internal beech are attached in the same direction, using a special PU glue. The final result is a rigid drum hoop with strong mechanical properties. Boasting a thickness of just 8mm.


We use wood to create perfectly constructed shells. This represents the construction ideology and technical thinking that guides us in our choice of the very best natural woods. In fact, we assess the individual characteristics of the wood we use during a prototyping phase, on which we base our final decision.


Our fused block lug allows for the fluid, precise adjustment of strainer tension. A small magnet is included in the mechanism to ensure stability and grip over time.


Lightweight alloy chrome-plated die-cast lugs with a dual-locking screw. The leg lock is secure and easy to use, with a soft anti-vibration rubber seal. Its shape and limited size helps to keep the drum in its case.


Thanks to their characteristics, our bass drum legs offer stability and ease when positioning drums. Strong and light, they’re attached to the shell via four anchor points. Our bass drum leg guarantees modifiable and stable positioning.

  • Shells: staves structure in 6mm Birch+ outer layer in HPL melamine
  • Tom attachment: TBS2J (x1)
  • Bass drum riser: TB PAJ (x1)
  • Hoops: DIE-CAST
  • Drum Head: EVANS
  • Bass Drum: Emad Batter Clear Battente / EQ3-NP Smooth White Resonat
  • Tom: G2 Coated top /G1 Coated bottom
  • Floor Tom: G2 Coated top / G1 Coated bottom
  • Snare Drum: G1 Coated top / Snare Side 300 bottom