Eikon DM12 Kick Drum Dynamic Microphone
4-Year Warranty

Eikon DM12 Kick Drum Dynamic Microphone

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The DM12 is an high output dynamic microphone with a frequency response specifically tailored for kick drum and other bass instruments. It provides superb studio quality punch even in high sound pressure. The DM12 features a super-cardioid polar pattern to ensure high gain before feedback and excellent off-axis rejection. An integrated locking stand adapter with XLR connector makes set-up operations very easy, especially if the microphone needs to be placed inside a bass drum. The adapter absorbs vibrations. A hardened steel mesh grille protects the DM12 from external impact. Designed to be used with bass drums, bass guitar cabs, tubas, and other low frequency instruments.

  • Professional dynamic instrument microphone.
  • Super-cardioid Polar Pattern.
  • Fast transient response.
  • Low frequency extension.
  • Internal shock mount for reduced noise.
  • Fast transient response.
  • Durable metal construction with hardened steel mesh grille.