Axiom SW18P 18", Direct Radiating, Subwoofer
Axiom SW18P 18", Direct Radiating, Subwoofer
Axiom SW18P 18", Direct Radiating, Subwoofer

Axiom SW18P 18", Direct Radiating, Subwoofer

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The SW18P is a compact and powerful subwoofer that provides extended low frequency response for specific models in the ED series of high performance point source loudspeakers, and designed for use in live music venues, nightclubs, bars, houses of worship, and for corporate and AV applications.

The 18” low frequency driver is equipped with a high power 18” (460mm) transducer capable of long excursion (up to 30mm peak to peak), controlled by a high stiffness Double Silicon Spider as a centering suspension that maintains linear travel even under high output levels. The high strength (BL2/Re) motor structure features optimised symmetry and excursion controlled by the Inner Flux Demodulating Ring. The robust copper 100mm (4”) voice coil is wound in two different layers both outside and inside the coil support, thereby doubling the coil surface exposed to air cooling and consequently improving the long term thermal capacity of the loudspeaker.

The cone is made of very high stiffness glass fiber reinforced paper, featuring also invisible water repellent treatment.

The 15mm phenolic birch plywood cabinet is provided with a M20 pole mount socket to allow two-way ED series loudspeakers to be mounted above on standard speaker poles. Recessed handles are provided for easy lifting and handing, and the included polyurethane wheels aid transportation, while stacking feet and matching recesses enable secure ground stacks. Two Neutrik® speakON™ NL4 connectors provide input and link connections.


  • High power compact subwoofer
  • 18” woofer, 4” voice coil
  • Water repellant cone
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Pole mount socket


  • Corporate and A/V
  • Live music venues
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • House of Worship