The Recorder Is Reborn with Introduction of RE.CORDER

The Recorder Is Reborn with Introduction of RE.CORDER

Los Angeles, CA (October 1, 2021). PROEL NORTH AMERICA announces the release of the RE.CORDER Acoustic / Digital Hybrid Wind Instrument in the USA and Canada. 

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy, the RE.CORDER hybrid acoustic-digital instrument is a brand-new take on the traditional soprano recorder. With its built-in wireless connectivity, digital sensor platform, and interactive app, the RE.CORDER takes the classic recorder into the future. 

In acoustic mode, RE.CORDER works just like a traditional soprano recorder. When the silent/digital mode is engaged, a series of digital touch sensors detect the player's fingering and a pressure-sensor measures the strength of the breath which generates the musical tone. RE.CORDER can also be used as a lightweight, highly portable MIDI instrument / controller.

Designed, engineered, and constructed entirely in Italy, RE.CORDER features a series of digital touch sensors that detect the player’s fingering and a pressure-sensor that measures the strength of the breath that generates the musical tone. The RE.CORDER can also connect to a mobile device or a PC/Mac and communicate in real time its complete musical data including its status, the notes played, the pressure strength and accelerometer data. 

The free RE.CORDER App features learn-and-play songs, a wide selection of classical, rock, and pop scores, a digital teacher that offers assessment while playing, and the ability to play with a friend on the same app using the DUO function.

The RE.CORDER connects the traditional instrument to a modern world of sounds and creative uses by exploring the infinite capabilities of a new state-of-the-art digital platform.

Key features of the RE.CORDER include:

  • Built-in wireless connectivity and sensor platform
  • Touch sensors which detect fingering
  • Pressure-sensor measures the strength of the breath
  • Additional inertial sensor for adding musical expressiveness to one’s playing
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity & MIDI interface
  • Customized fingering and modes to allow for technique challenges (including simplified fingering, lip sensor instead of pressure, and more)
  • Colors: white, red, blue, black

Antonio Ferranti, President of Proel North America notes, “The RE.CORDER, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy, represents a state-of-the-art renaissance for beginning musicians, teachers, and professionals who want an enhanced, exciting experience for one of the world’s most traditional instruments. Proel North America is proud to make this all-new, world-class product available to the USA and Canada. And just in time for schools, studios, and the upcoming holiday season.”



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Full Demonstration Video (with English Subtitles) 

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Founded in Italy in 1991, by passionate industry-leading engineers, Proel has been designing, crafting, and producing world-class ‘Made In Italy’ pro audio, musical instruments, and professional quality stage gear and accessories. The company was founded to address the need to create products that are faithful to the highest expectations of musicians. Proel products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy, characterized by the unsurpassed tone, touch, and technology of each instrument. In 2017, Proel North America, headquartered in Los Angeles, launched to the USA and Canadian markets. 

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